Saturday, 25 April 2020

Fishing Lock down Continues

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well and coping with the lock down situation as best you can. A big thank you to those key workers amongst you, especially those of you who work within the NHS, or like myself, have a partner who does, as I certainly know how worrying this can be in these difficult times.

"What fish look like"
Although there isn't any fishing going on at the moment I think it is important to stay connected and therefore I just wanted to touch base with you all. First and foremost to wish you all well, and secondly to at least give you all something to read before cabin fever sets in.

As you probably all noticed, as soon as we went into lock down, the rivers came back into good order again following what had already been a very long period of high (and often coloured) water conditions, "Typical". 

However it's not all doom and gloom though, as the weather conditions we have recently been experiencing, i.e. bright sunshine, although very enjoyable, (given our current situation) is not necessarily ideal for fishing, especially when accompanied by a persistent East wind, (albeit slight) as this almost always contributes to what would generally be a period of difficult fishing in terms of catches. 

This is due to the fact that in these types of conditions the fish usually switch off, or at the very least are reluctant to take our offerings, and where trout are concerned, hatches tend to be very sparse indeed (which would explain a lot). Yes you can sometimes tempt a fish or two to take a weighted nymph during these periods, (as we have done many times before) but this often then becomes a searching game. 

The salmon also tend to switch off during these periods, for reasons that are up for debate, but they definitely do! So we can at least take some solace from this for the time being, however this wont last forever, so lets hope we can get back out there soon, even if it is just on our local fisheries whilst adhering to the social distancing rules until further notice.

"Relaxing in the Countryside"
In the meantime I have been missing our fishing sessions so much, that along with the many chores recently undertaken during lock down, including a plethora of painting jobs (which I am sure many of you can relate to) I have also indulged in a couple of jigsaws (something I haven't done for many years) in an attempt to remind myself of (a) what fish look like and (b) relaxing in the countryside. I think you will get my drift from the pictures attached.

Anyway, hang on in there and let's hope we are all back at it as soon as it is safe to do so, and I look forward to catching up with many of you on the river bank when the time is right. "Stay Safe".

Saturday, 28 March 2020

Fishing in Lock down

Eden Grayling
Following a poor start to the Eden season (and many other rivers) due to persistent high waters preventing us from indulging in our favourite pastime, and now with the added disruption of the coronavirus outbreak, keeping the majority of us in isolation. Despite trying to remain optimistic, I can't help wondering when our next venture out on the river will actually be!

Eden Brown Trout
Although we all understand the implications of this truly invasive pandemic, and it goes without saying that we will all continue to do our bit if it means saving lives, but it certainly doesn't stop that sinking feeling that we all get when we cannot go fishing. With this in mind, let us keep our fingers crossed that things get back to normal sooner rather than later and that statistics improve soon for everyone's sake.

Cracking Sea Trout
However, in the interim period, "being as we are all in the same boat", (so to speak) I wanted to stay in touch with everyone (by way of my monthly blog) to wish you and your family members all the very best at this difficult time, and I hope you all continue to stay in good health as we move forward. All the signs point to an eventual decline of this situation and given the sterling work being put in by our NHS staff (who are on the front line) we will surely beat this thing and get back to some kind of normality!

Fresh Eden Salmon
That said I think we are currently in this for the long haul, and being as we may not be visiting the river for some time, I thought I would include a few pictures from previous fishing trip here on the Eden in an attempt to hopefully help cheer you all up whilst many of you (except for key workers) are stuck at home. Stay Safe!

Saturday, 29 February 2020

The Deluge Continues

An Eden tributary in full flood
More of the same throughout the month of February I'm afraid, with persistent rain and wind battering the Cumbria region (among other areas). We haven't even been able to get near the river let alone do any fishing, and the high winds have definitely scuppered any possibility of casting lessons.

However as we approach March we should be seeing some light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully normal service can resume.

A bit high for fly fishing
That said, the weather obviously hasn't dampened any enthusiasm though as plenty of you have already booked in for both casting lessons and fishing sessions on the river, if anything I think this bad start to the year has made us even more determined to get out there and get started.

I do like to have some reports for everyone by now, on the salmon front at least, but as you can see from the surrounding pictures there is no way whatsoever that any fishing could have taken place given the recent conditions, so here's hoping we can make up for that as we move closer to the trout season starting on March 15th.

There was a path here somewhere!
Although there is still plenty of water in the system, the river is now beginning to show signs of dropping back to some kind of normality and as long as we don't get anymore persistent rainfall we should be able to enjoy some good sport again soon, and believe me, I am looking forward to catching up with several of you for some casting sessions which are booked in for March.

Friday, 31 January 2020

Welcome to the New Season 2020

Not great conditions for Grayling
I can't believe we are into February already, a poor winter up to now if you have been targeting Grayling, with water levels continuously fluctuating on the river Eden. 

However we are already three weeks into the 2020 Salmon season, (still early yet, I know) but I was made aware only yesterday of a couple of fish being caught on the lower river, this I have yet to confirm, but it would not be the first time early season salmon have been recorded down there.

Despite the usual cold, wet days of January, there have also been a few kinder days in between which have allowed for the odd tuition sessions, yes you heard it correctly, I am more than happy to take out the Die Hards on these early season days, and in the sunshine especially, (with the right clothes on) these sessions can be very enjoyable and can always be re-arranged if the weather turns against us.

Apart from these early tuition sessions the fishing itself can be quite slow at this time of year, until that is, we get into March, (when the trout season begins) and beyond this, when the Salmon numbers begin to increase.
Tuition & Fishing available any time of the year
as you can see from the link below to the 2020 Border Game Angling website Calendar, bookings are now beginning to arrive fast and furious and I can't wait to catch up with people again and also meet people for the first time in 2020 as things start to get going again.

So I am looking forward to seeing some of you again throughout the year, to either help improve your casting skills, catch a few fish, or both! Here's to a good season in 2020.