Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Continuous Unsettled Water

The water has been so unsettled this year, with river levels rising and falling like an overzealous elevator, giving the salmon entering the system no time whatsoever to populate the pools in any substantial numbers, and therefore becoming well spread out throughout the river. Despite this there have been some good catches in places, with the majority of fish being taken on spinners. However in the interim when conditions have allowed, several fish have also been tempted to the fly, but unfortunately, as I am writing this, the river is rising yet again.

One winkled out by Alex
The constant high waters have also contributed to difficult periods of trout fishing, and at times almost impossible, but we have managed to winkle a few out on those days when the water clarity improved even though the river was generally carrying much more water than was ideal for this pursuit.

Apart from the usual tuition and fishing sessions throughout August, I have also enjoyed my involvement in a couple of additional weekend shows, which not only gave me the opportunity to meet some interesting people and indulge in a bit of socialising, but it also rekindled my passion for demonstrating and answering a few very interesting questions with regards to both casting and fishing techniques. The shows in question were The Lowther Game & Country Fair(formerly The Lowther Horse Trials) which I have not been involved with since 2008, and The Galloway Country Fair held at Drumlanrig Castle in Dumfries & Galloway. I have attended both of these shows previously with Borderlines, but had the opportunity to be much more involved this year. If you have not visited these shows before they are well worth putting on your list of things to do in 2013, it would be great to see you there and have a chat!

The Galloway Show
Another good weekend in Dumfries & Galloway saw my good friend (and colleague) Glyn Freeman and I, running courses over a two day period for the Dumfries & Galloway Angling Association, as we have done for several years now, which has given us the opportunity to meet many of their members and hopefully pass on some techniques that may help them to encounter a few fish along the way during their outings on the river. "Great Guys"!

Guide Fly Fishing arranged another have a go day in August, this time for the local Penrith Angling Association and with a reasonable turn out the feedback from those involved was very positive and a good day was had by all.

Several youth sessions with schools and clubs again recently for Borderlines, introducing youngsters to fishing and the environment which can be very rewarding and enjoyable. Borderlines is a not for profit company formed in 2005 with the aim of removing as many of the
barriers to participation in angling as possible for all groups of the population regardless of age, ability, race, religion or social background, with particular emphasis on the disadvantaged, disabled, and those requiring rehabilitation. Borderlines relies heavily on funding to keep the good work going, and therefore any donations to the company would be very much appreciated in any form whatsoever.

With weather and water conditions constantly fluctuating, the fishing is difficult at the moment as the the last group I have had with me have recently discovered, and they fished the river very well. I was certainly impressed with the pace at which their casting skills have improved since our last session on the river as you can see in the brief video's (above & below) as Andy and Gary (two of the group) put out nice lines.

With reports constantly coming in of fish being caught along the river, and some good ones too, I am more than optimistic for the guys who are coming for some salmon fishing toward the end of the Month, and if the water can just settle for an extended period, then we will hopefully see some good results right through to the end of the season. "I will let you know".

However in the interim I will be off to Iceland to see if I can tempt some Atlantic salmon and sea trout over there, and I hear they are just getting some rain now after a long period of dry weather. Fingers crossed!