Wednesday, 30 September 2015

September Masquerades as Summer

Malcolm Roberts on the Eden
Not great salmon fishing weather for September, with hot bright Summer conditions and hardly a drop of rain where we needed it, and although we did get some rain, it was very localised, only raising the river briefly overnight before dropping off again almost as quickly as it had risen, the total opposite to August I'm afraid!

Needless to say, the salmon fishing has suffered as a result of these unseasonable conditions, with no water to encourage fresh fish to enter the river, and those fish that are in the system becoming stale and difficult to catch, although whilst trying to target them we have been seeing fish in the pools, as Malcolm, who came for some tuition and fishing (pictured above fishing one of these pools) will testify to.

Phil into a trout
However, during this unfriendly salmon fishing weather, whilst the sun has been high in the sky, we have regularly used the time to focus on some casting sessions, and as well as those of you who have specifically come for guided salmon fishing and tuition, many of you have also come along for prearranged casting sessions, which as it has turned out has been a good time to do so whilst these low water and hot weather continues have persisted.

Henry on the dry
With most people targeting salmon at this time of year the trout fishing was a little neglected and on numerous occasions we have been seeing some good fish rising to the fly, however, I have had a few people out on the river with me who were keen to have a go for them, with some success. 

Henry and Phil (pictured above and right) were just two of them, although I wish they had been with me on a few other occasions when the surface has erupted into the evening just as the sun  began to lower in the sky, prior to the temperature dropping, which did serve as a reminder that it was actually September. 

David Pinner with a lower Eden trout
Also David Pinner and David Bateman, who came individually for salmon tuition and fishing, both had a go for the trout, (as you can see from the pictures) and whilst the salmon fishing was slow this was a welcome opportunity for something to pull their string and at least give them some welcome sport on what would otherwise be difficult conditions for salmon fishing.

David Bateman in again
With the trout season now over today (30th September) our focus must be firmly set on the remainder of the salmon season, regardless of the conditions, so out again tomorrow with Jeff Jones to do exactly that and try to outwit one of these fish. Here's hoping!

Going into October I am praying for rain to lift river levels and encourage some action over the remaining two weeks of the season, but regardless of what may happen, nothing will stop us from setting up the Grayling rods the moment the salmon season ends in preparation for some pending winter sport.