Sunday, 29 November 2015

Most of November Washed Out

Even the Tributaries are high
Not much to report I'm afraid, with persistent rain throughout November the Grayling fishing (for the most part) has been a total washout on the Eden. There were a few nice days at the start of the month, but even then the water was still a bit on the high side, the total opposite to October when we needed some water for the salmon fishing. Even the tributaries are too high to fish at the moment!

Avoiding Trout proved difficult
This months early Grayling trips produced a multitude of brown trout, even though we tried to avoid them as we moved from pool to pool in search of Grayling, and although we did catch the odd Grayling, the fluctuating water levels didn't make it easy, whilst at the same time we were trying to avoid the attention of those relentless brown trout, which proved very difficult indeed to say the least, with sessions often running into double figures. A classic argument for barbless hooks!

Ready to go!
Apologies to those of you I have had to cancel due to the poor water conditions, but you would not have benefited whatsoever from a trip in these conditions and we can always re-arrange when circumstances improve and success is more likely. However I will remain optimistic that conditions could still improve and allow us to target Grayling before Christmas, and as you can see I have a few flies to try too, tied for me by a client and good friend of mine John Dunn (Thanks again John). Although realistically we do need the water to behave itself. That said, it is rising yet again as I write this Blog, so fingers crossed!
Worst case scenario, I will certainly get those keen Grayling anglers amongst you out on the river in the New Year, it just means waiting that little bit longer if necessary!