Tuesday, 30 July 2019

High Temperatures in July

Alan landing a nice trout
July saw some of the hottest temperatures ever recorded here in the UK, which seems to be becoming the rule as the years progress, and Cumbria itself is certainly no exception to this rule as we too encountered those very warm, muggy nights, which often make it very difficult for those anglers venturing out for Sea trout in the early hours. 

Whilst these uncomfortable conditions don't always stop you catching a few fish, the water temperatures are often far too high for great results as fish become more lethargic due to lower than normal oxygen levels, some evenings giving the impression that you could take a warm bath in it. 

However, as luck would have it, we did eventually get some fresh water through the system, more so just recently, which has certainly helped our cause, and according to the forecast we still have more to come, which is encouraging.

That said, the river did see a good influx of Grilse at the beginning of July and those of you who have recently been out fishing with me (especially on the tidal reaches) will have witnessed this yourselves, along with some very sizable multi-sea wintered fish showing themselves too, so I am hoping this recent water, and the water still to come, will soon trigger an increase in catches, I don't see why not!

Jeff with the fruits of his labour
Apart from the usual fly fishing forays and several Borderlines youth days, most of June and July have been taken up with casting tuition sessions, which I always enjoy, and its good to see that many of you are very keen to improve your techniques in anticipation of those red letter days lurking in the wings. I must admit though, it's always nice to put a well presented line out just before catching a good fish, it's a great feeling, as shown by Jeff in the video above, a regular visitor to the Eden, as he puts out a nice line!

Lowther Fishing Island News

Not long now before the Lowther Show here in Cumbria, and also the Galloway Country Fair in Dumfries and Galloway, both events are held on consecutive weekends in mid August where we are involved in the fly casting demonstrations and the tuition areas. These shows are great social events too, so if you are in these areas on, either the 10th & 11th of August, or the 17th & 18th August respectively, then it would be great to see you there for a good chat and a catch up. "Tight Lines" to you all.

Here's looking forward to seeing a few of you there!