Thursday, 31 March 2016

Working Towards April

A bit of Landscape Gardening
Several casting sessions this month in preparation for the new season, although there has also been several salmon caught on the river too by the few anglers who have braved the elements and ventured out. I have also been busy in preparation for the new season, but not in a fishing capacity, more in a bank side maintenance capacity following the recent flooding events which battered many of the access points along the river. As you can see from the pictures we are eventually getting there at last!

Better Access to the River
The trout season started slow, with small intermittent hatches of Large Dark Olives appearing from time to time on many of the beats along the river, but only for very short periods, which is often the case early in the season. Large Stoneflies have also been hatching out, with very little interest from the trout (again not uncommon). 

Temperatures have generally erred on the cold side throughout March, (apart from the odd day) so the best approach has been weighted nymphs, allowing you to get your offerings down to the fish, however, apart from the odd fish they still haven't been showing a great deal of interest.

A Brave Attempt in Bitter Conditions
This was apparent again on a recent outing, following a casting session on the river with John Dunn, (pictured right) as he also decided to give the fishing a go, in very bitter conditions I might add, and although he did have three offers to the heavier nymphs from his box they were certainly not so keen to nail the fly with any meaning whatsoever, not surprising given the conditions!

So on to April, and apart from the usual casting sessions in the diary, there are also a few of you who have now decided to venture forth and do a bit of tuition and fishing with me, which I am very much looking forward to, as this will also give me the opportunity to catch up with some of you in the new season. See you soon!