Thursday, 29 May 2014

Good Trout Fishing Continues

Peter, tentatively playing a trout
The trout fishing continues to improve on the river Eden, despite the re-appearance of a few easterly winds from time to time, but with temperatures now warmer, (most of the time) and insect life more abundant, the trout are most certainly in a better mood, so to speak. Peter (on the left) had a few frustrating offers to his dry before eventually hooking into this one, but he did manage to get a couple before they switched off in this particular area. Nice one Peter!

Briefly in the net (Goldhead Nymph)
As a result of a couple of spells of fresh water entering the system there has also been one or two more salmon caught over the last two weeks, (on the beats we have been fishing) but not by us I hasten to add, as those I have recently had out on the river have been focusing on the excellent trout fishing that the Eden has to offer, with some great results too, improving all the time.

Jeff with an Eden Brown
Over the past two weeks, since my last Blog, the trout activity at the surface continues to affirm the dry fly as the dominant approach, producing by far the best results ahead of alternative methods such as spiders and nymphs etc, however we have had one or two very good quality fish on gold headed nymphs too, (see above) just not as many as usual as our dry fly offerings continue to produce better results with regard to numbers. That said, don't abandon the goldheads though as they are still tempting some nice fish to have a go from time to time.

Rob playing a very nice fish.
It has also been apparent though, that the trout have not always been taking the dry as positively as we know they can, (especially at this time of year) resulting in many missed opportunities, as Jeff, one of my regular visitors, found out first hand, although he did manage to make contact with a few in the interim as you can see in the picture above. Once again the Klinkhammer has been our top dry fly, although a small CDC pattern has proved useful at times, especially when black gnats are in attendance and believe me they are certainly in abundance at the moment. Other patterns are available!

Stuarts first Brownie off the Eden
We had several satisfying days on the middle river as the guys rose a few fish to the dry, several of which were missed yet again, but through perseverance and a few fly changes they did manage to land a few fish, always rewarding when a plan comes together. The lower river produced some good catches too with one exceptional fish of around 3 1/2 - 4lb unfortunately parting company with the fly, but not before producing an epic battle as it threw itself into the air several times, giving us an eyeful of its substantial proportions. Maybe next time!

I was involved in several youth days again over the last week or so as part of the Borderlines team, with a couple of events being held at Drumlanrig castle on the stocked rainbow trout fishery there. Youngsters were introduced to all aspects of fly fishing, culminating in a fishing session with great success as they caught lots of fish on a catch and release basis (see picture below) and lost a few too. A good time was had by all.

Youngsters working as a team.
Off out again tomorrow with my good friend Tony with both the trout and the salmon rods as we had another small rise in water last night and reports of salmon being caught higher up the river have come to my attention, however, it's always a good idea to put the trout rods in the car too, as there is nothing worse than fishing for salmon all day long, with no success, and then suddenly a hatch of insects occur and  a phenomenal trout rise ensues and you suddenly realise that you have left your trout rod at home.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Westerlies Improve the Trout Fishing As Expected

Caught on the Klink
Although it has taken some time, the Easterly element to the wind has eventually relinquished it's dominant hold and given way to the various Westerlies we are now experiencing, which without doubt has made a big difference to the available insect life, in turn, encouraging more activity from the trout. This has been very apparent during recent trips out with people on the river. Even the casting sessions are noticeably more comfortable in these slightly warmer conditions and we are now beginning to believe that we might get a summer after all, although that's still a bit off yet!

Doug in Action
Prior to this, especially on an evening, just when it looked as though it was going to be quite good, with a few fish topping on the surface, that thin Easterly wind would sneak in from time to time, chilling the surface, and putting the fish down again, much to the dismay of Doug Douglass who was out with me on the river during one of these periods. However, Doug did get one or two small fish which kept him occupied, and with conditions now improving and the trout fishing beginning to take shape, it won't be long before he is getting into some of those better fish that are now starting to accept our offerings with a bit more confidence.

A Male Iron Blue Spinner
As temperatures slowly begin to rise, following the recent large hatches of Grannom, we have also been seeing some good hatches of Iron Blues, a few Olive Uprights, a steady flow of Large Brook Duns (although not in great numbers) and (in places) some substantial falls of Black Gnats and Hawthorn Flies, two terrestrials well worth finding a good imitation for. All great temptations to bring up some good trout, and we have certainly been using this to our advantage.

A well hammered Klink
We have had a few fish on spiders too, but they haven't been fishing anything like as good as they can fish at this time of year, although I am confident that they will come into their own at some point. 

During the lulls in the the easterlies (before it warmed up a little) the best results were on dries, and this continues to be the case, and once again the old faithfuls are coming out of the fly box, including the Klinkhammer and the Adams. Goldheads have taken a few fish as you would expect, but again, in the areas we have been targeting, not nearly as many as the dries have produced.

Piaras with a fight on his hands
I had Piaras and Chris over from Northern Ireland for a couple of days, to experience some Eden trout fishing, and they certainly managed to tempt several fish to their flies. It was Chris's first visit, although Piaras has been a regular visitor over the years, but only for the Salmon fishing, and would you believe it, whilst having a cast with the double handed salmon fly rod, on very low water, he managed to hook a nice salmon, against the odds, but unfortunately it parted company with his fly after a significant fight.

Chris about to land a fish
Whilst the trout were beginning to show some real interest, plans were afoot to take a couple of regular Border Game Angling visitors out onto the river again this weekend, but unfortunately (for the trout angler) the river has since swollen in the aftermath of the recent rain we have had, so we will have to put this on hold for now. However, whilst the water was on the rise we did spot a couple of salmon making their way through the beat we were fishing, and when the water begins to drop and clear, I am in no doubt that there will be a few salmon caught on several beats along the river, so let's get the Salmon rods out!

One anglers loss is another anglers gain!