Sunday, 28 August 2016

August flows & Summer Shows

New to fly fishing
We have been privy to some decent flows of water in August which has certainly helped the salmon fishing, not to mention the day time sea trout fishing, especially during periods when the river has been dropping off again after a significant rise of water, and when we have had steadier flows the brown trout and Grayling fishing has been doing very well too, especially the nymph fishing in the faster runs during slightly lower flows and warmer conditions when the colour has just been on the turn giving the river that slight tea stain look to it.

Paul's First Fish
The night time sea trout fishing has not been so great though, due to that touch of colour being present in the water, as many nocturnal sea trout anglers will tell you, one of the essential ingredients to the best sea trout nights include clearer waters.

However if your preference was dry fly fishing the best time has been late evening, approaching dusk, as is often the case when days are very warm and bright, thus making day time fishing a little more difficult with the dry fly, but evening sessions have been productive.

Paul's friend Phil also into a Fish
Pictured above, it was Paul's first attempt at fly fishing and after a short casting lesson in the morning, after lunch he went on to catch several brown trout on the nymph, whilst adopting some newly learnt upstream tactics in the faster water, catching his quarry directly underneath the rod tip. It didn't take him long to master the art as you can see from the picture above as he shows off his first ever Brown Trout. Well done Paul!

A very accommodating Grayling
As mentioned previously, on the few occasions when we have targeted them, the Grayling have also been compliant, especially when using beaded nymphs. I even managed to get a good underwater shot, (unfortunately in slightly coloured water) of a nice Grayling coming close to us with a silver beaded nymph just in the top lip of the fish, (click to enlarge) which made it easy to unhook whilst still in the water and we watched it swim away quite happily.

T&S Rod Test
August also presented me with a further opportunity to get involved with yet another rod test for the Trout & Salmon magazine, this time it was 14ft 9 weight double hander's we had to put through their paces, the results of which can be viewed now in the September edition of the magazine. It has to be said though, that it is very encouraging to see so many good rods on the market these days, yes it makes the test a little more difficult, but as anglers it certainly gives us a variety of options to choose from to suit our own personal budgets. Well done manufacturers!

At the Galloway Show
Lots of tuition this month, (as always) but this time with a noted increase in anglers coming for refresher sessions before heading off to Iceland for their 2016 salmon fishing fix, and with many of you heading off to rivers I have actually fished myself over there, this not only allowed me to get people up to speed with their casting, but it also afforded me a unique opportunity to be able to offer some useful advice, especially to those of you visiting Iceland for the first time, as to which flies I personally found productive and what tackle to take on your trip. These were very enjoyable sessions and although I have heard back from some of you already as to how your trips panned out, I am still looking forward to hearing from those of you who have yet to return. "Tight Lines".

Demonstrating at Lowther
With the usual Summer shows firmly in my diary I did spend two consecutive weekends away from the river this month as part of the AAPGAI and Borderlines team at both the Lowther and Galloway Shows on 13th & 14th and 20th & 21st Aug respectively. I have supported these two shows for several years now and although these weekends do take me away from the river for long periods of time, (often when the fishing is good) they also offer a great opportunity to catch up with good friends and fellow instructors, whilst at the same time giving me the chance to meet up with, and chat to, lots of like minded anglers during the casting clinics and demonstration slots. If you have never attended these shows before, why not come along next year for a chat and a cuppa, it would be great to see you there!

John into a fish on the Double Hander
With the Eden notably doing very well this year, not only for salmon in the spring, but also showing good Grilse runs in the summer, lets hope that the back end salmon run, which the river has enjoyed for many years, doesn't let us down again this year, as it didn't really materialise last year. However, given the encouraging season up to now, if they do appear again with a vengeance in September / October then I certainly envisage a bumper season yet to come. Here's hoping!