Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Hope on the Horizon!

Eden Flooding "Yet Again"!
At last many of us can now travel a bit further, albeit within our own countries of the UK, but at least it gives us renewed hope, and more importantly, access to many more venues and productive beats on our rivers.

Unfortunately the river Eden is big and brown "yet again", but as soon as this water falls and clears, I will be resuming my teaching and fishing activities, as we now have the green light to meet up to 6 people outdoors, after what seems to have been the longest period I have ever spent away from a river!

Something to look forward to!
On the upside though, at least we can now look forward to one of the best parts of the season, without having to worry about missing out on some historically good early fishing, and from mid April we should be encountering some quality, over wintered, and hard fighting trout too, but even more so as we enter into May, which is definitely one of my favourite months of the season, as I am sure you all know that this period can offer up some fantastic sport.

The salmon fishing on the Eden has also seen some good results between April and June over the past few years, especially last year, when we were eventually allowed out that is, before the third lockdown kicked in again, so fingers crossed for this to continue into 2021.

New Life on the Riverbank!
For obvious reasons I cannot give you much in the way of fishing reports at this time, but I have to say, whilst walking my dog along the river, (whenever possible) it was good to see that the Pandemic was unable to affect the onset of Spring in any way whatsoever, and given the doom and gloom we have all had to live with in recent times, it was good to see the many aspects of new life coming through along the riverbank in defiance of what these difficult times have inflicted upon us.

Here's to a new beginning and let's hope all goes well as we move forward into the new season!