Saturday, 30 June 2018

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Warm Weather Jobs!
As June temperatures continued to soar and river levels dropped even further the fishing became very difficult, especially the salmon fishing. In fact the coin has totally flipped over when compared to the very cold early season weather we had to contend with, and because of this the usual transitionary period between the end of March and the beginning of June never materialised, ultimately sending us from chilled to grilled in a very short period of time and therefore missing out on the good sport we have become accustomed to over that period.

A good time for getting on with other important jobs I hear you all say, which is exactly what I did, i.e. a good bit of river bank Strimming for better access on the lower river and a well overdue style repair.

Knowing where to look!
The extreme weather didn't stop us catching a few trout though, as there are always fish to be found when targeting the right areas, regardless of the conditions. Granted it becomes a little more difficult, but that can often add to the challenge for some anglers.

We have taken advantage of this weather in other ways too, and it is always good to get some casting practice in when the weather is nice with some of you coming along to do just that in anticipation of things to come when conditions are more favourable for fishing. We certainly covered many interesting casts and techniques during these sessions.

Youngsters on a learning curve!
it is also a bonus to be able to teach the youngsters when the weather is good and as part of the Borderlines team we have been doing that on a small tailor made Stillwater whilst catching a few Rainbow trout. This is great way to teach children how to hook, play and land fish.

In summary, a little bit of fresh water wouldn't go a miss at this stage, for all species of fish, but especially as we are now into that time of year again when the Sea trout fishing can be very good, especially at night. So at the expense of this good sun bathing weather I do think it is about time we had some cloud and rain to put the rivers back in good order again for the benefit of us poor anglers. Although some may not agree!