Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Rain Came but didn't Change the Game

Where Jeff lost his Salmon
The long awaited wet weather eventually came, and although we did have some success we didn't get the end to season we had hoped for. 

On the first day of his visit, Jeff Jones did manage to make contact with a salmon on the middle river, (on the fly) but with a couple of shakes of the head (as they do) it was gone, and the very next day the river rose following the overnight rain we were all hoping for. Unfortunately, although very welcome, this put the river out of order for a while, so we took advantage of a little bit of tuition time as always.

Jeff's Big Brown.
On his last day the river was in good order again, but we were just not seeing the fish we had hoped would be running the river given the fresh water we had received the previous day, however he did manage to hook and land a large brown trout (on his own pattern) of around three and a half pounds, a consolation prize I know, and out of season too, but it did get the adrenaline pumping for a short time before it was returned to fight another day. As Jeff said, "If only that was on the trout rod".

David with his hen fish.
A few more lessons ensued with people, then David Humble arrived for his annual visit to the Eden. The water was good and we revisited a few casts before he started fishing. As the day progressed, there was not much to inspire us in the way of fish showing, then suddenly, out of the blue, David lifted into a hard fighting fish, which turned out to be a nice double figure hen salmon. A coloured fish which would have been returned to the water anyway, regardless of the fact it was a hen fish, but that said it certainly made David's day, and quite rightly so, as he had worked hard for it, whilst delivering some very nice casts.

With the salmon season now over, our thoughts move towards the grayling fishing, which can be great fun over the winter months, and if it is anything like it has been recently on the lower river (when the water was low) then we are in for a treat. We will soon find out!

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Searching for Salmon

A good start for Andy.
It has been almost 2 months now since we had any fresh water in the system at all, and given that we are now well into our prime salmon fishing time on the river, these persistent low water conditions continue to make life difficult for the dedicated salmon angler, and the fish that are in the river are becoming harder and harder to tempt with our offerings. However, there may be a glimmer of light on the horizon as the forecasters are telling us that we are about to get some significant rain over the next three days. "Let's hope so".

Searching does work.
That said, if you're prepared to search for these magnificent fish, which is exactly what we have been doing over the past few days, you are likely to improve your chances of success, and whilst out on the river recently, with some good friends and regular visitors to Border Game Angling, Andy and Alan, this certainly paid dividends, as Andy managed to land two fish, one of around 6lb (above) and one of around 15lb (left), both returned, both taken on middle Eden beats, and both caught on size 14 doubles, which are the order of the day at the moment, given these low clear conditions.

Christian with an Eden Brownie.
In addition to this Alan also managed to make contact with a couple of fish, but unfortunately came off second best this time round, nevertheless it shows it is still possible, in these difficult conditions, to make contact with these fish and we will certainly persevere with this approach the end of the salmon season, which is fast approaching. Both Andy and Alan fished with the mini double hander's we know as switch rods and on certain parts of the river these outfits really came into their own given the present conditions, providing the guys with more room in tight areas and allowing for a better presentation of the fly line leader and fly. I am sure this gave them a distinct advantage on the present low clear water. 

Grayling No 11 for John.
On a more positive note, the brown trout continued to show plenty of interest up until the end of the trout season, (Tuesday 30th September) most likely encouraged by these warmer than normal temperatures, and the grayling fishing continues to see some fantastic results too, especially on the lower river, with some rods going well into double figures when targeting these beautiful fish, usually when the salmon fishing is slow, however it is great sport to fall back on when this is the case.

David with another nice Grayling.
A few rods that took advantage of this excellent grayling fishing whilst out with me on the lower river were, Christian Woolfenden, John Schofield, David Pinner and Peter Chipendale. The fishing at times was so prolific that John and Peter both recorded personal bests on their respective days. The young fish that began to appear in numbers around three to four months ago have grown on well and we are looking forward to what could potentially be a very good winter for the grayling fishing once the Salmon season is over, weather permitting of course!

Peter enjoying the Grayling fishing.
Many of you have continued to come along and improve your casting skills and fishing techniques during the present lull in the salmon fishing, whilst also taking advantage of this unusual bright September sunshine, why not? I think we must be getting too used to these pleasant warmer times as it was almost a shock to be out in the rain yesterday morning, I almost forgot it was September until that strange wet stuff fell from the sky. 

Any way, let's hope the forecasters have got it right this time and we do get this wet weather that supposed to be on the horizon, giving us a better end to the salmon season!