Monday, 29 February 2016

River Was in Good Order "Not Now"

Illtyd Griffiths AAPGAI (at the BFFI)
Although at times the weather was bitterly cold, there was still a good turn out in mid February at the British Fly Fair, and with the AAPGAI team on hand to offer a wide variety of demonstrations, and answer a range of questions, a good time was had by all. One of the best turn outs I have seen for a long time, long may it last.

We have had a few more very cold days too during tuition sessions on the river towards the end of this month, but if well wrapped up this has not been a problem and whilst watching the river slowly falling back into good order again I was set to do some serious fishing with people this coming weekend.

Only two weeks to go!
However on the last day of February the rain returned yet again, (and the forecast also gave the possibility of snow) this recent rain has put the rivers up once more, scuppering any plans for short term fishing, that said, conditions are supposed to improve towards the end of the week, at which time I am hoping for a spot of fishing, either this weekend, or throughout the following week. Looking ahead though, further improvements in the weather is on the cards and March looks very promising, ("bring it on") which bodes very well for the start of the Trout season in two weeks time on March 15th.

Forecast set to improve
Tuition sessions are generally not a problem in high water, as we can usually find somewhere to get in the river, but for those of you who have been waiting to attach some fishing to those sessions it seems as though we have been waiting forever for the river to come back into some kind of order again, anyway no doubt it eventually will, at which time I look forward to getting some of you out with me on the river again very soon. "Tight Lines".