Sunday, 31 March 2019

Unsettled Weather throughout March

Steve with his first River Brown
March was certainly one of those very unsettled months which threw a variety of conditions at us, from cold winds to sleet, snow and heavy rain, but luckily we also had a few days when the weather was a little more forgiving and afforded us some quality time for a bit of casting tuition too, and following the opening of the trout season on the 15th March, we also picked up one or two nice fish during a couple of tuition / fishing sessions. It is always a bonus when those simply coming to improve their casting also get the opportunity to experience the end product.

For the most part of March the water always seemed to be a bit on the high side for fishing, especially on the lower river, although the latter half of the month did throw up a salmon or two, from different beats along the river, and the trout fishing also picked up towards the end of the month. With the long term forecast looking much better, April and May are certainly looking more promising, as is often the case.

An AAPGAI indoor presentation
The recent AAPGAI weekend (mentioned in my last blog) went very well indeed. We were so lucky with the weather given that the forecast was atrocious, and it certainly was in many of the surrounding areas, however the turn out was very good considering that some people living further north could not make it to the event at all, being as some routes were inaccessible due to the snow. However we managed to put on some great indoor presentations as well as a few outdoor demonstrations, whilst the worst of the weather skirted around us. The next open day event will be held in Wales in October, so if anyone is interested please let me know and I will send you details.

Given that conditions are set to improve significantly, and the signs are all there too, with some varying hatches of Large Dark Olives now coming off which are always a good indicator, and a good early season fly that regularly attracts some decent trout. I have therefore been doing the usual improvements on the lower beat following the damage caused annually by the higher waters and we now have several river sessions arranged for both salmon and trout fishing down there. Can't Wait!

Improvements on the Lower Eden
As you will see from the calendar on my website, shown here: (Available Dates) my April dates are still reasonably available, but May is well on its way to being fully booked up with just a few days left, so if you are considering a day or two in May, or even a casting session, please let me know a.s.a.p. and I can reserve one or more of the remaining dates for you whilst there are still some left.

Looking forward to getting back into full swing again with the usual casting sessions and some good fishing sessions as the season warms up and the fishing comes into its own once again. I will see many of you soon and "Tight Lines". to all.