Friday, 30 September 2016

Autumn Runs slow Despite good flows

Jeff Playing a Salmon
The Autumn salmon runs definitely slowed down as we entered September, with many of the pools producing little activity apart from the odd fish showing here and there. However this did not stop us targeting them, and although the fishing was on the slow side we did manage to hook and land a few through shear persistence and determination, so well done to those successful salmon anglers I was out with as the fishing was difficult at times, despite the good water conditions.

Returning a coloured Cock fish
As well as delivering a few in depth mentoring sessions (which I always enjoy) for a couple of good friends about to take their pending instructor qualifications, I also had the good fortune to deliver some very enjoyable tuition sessions this month too, with some of the guys involved taking the opportunity to mix and match some of their current rod and line combinations with a few new purchases they had made, this is not only good fun, but it really allows you to scrutinise exactly what lines work well with what rods, ultimately giving you some great insights into the true meaning of a well balanced outfit. This can offer some real advantages to your days fishing.

Charles with a hen fish (returned)
The trout fishing, for those who continued to pursue them right up until the close season (Sept 30th on the Eden) continued in good form, and the only thing that prevented some additional good sport were those days when high waters dominated the river, but apart from that we certainly registered some good results. 

As the season runs into September, when many anglers are more focused on the salmon fishing, it is always worth carrying your trout rod in the car for those days when the salmon are just not playing ball. I always take mine!

Charles with a specimen trout too!
All in all, apart from the fact that the salmon fishing was slow for September, we certainly had some good fun on the river, with many sessions including a bit of casting, a bit of river craft, an overview of many of the fishing techniques we can apply for differing fishing situations, and some additional trout fishing when conditions were right. "Oh I almost forgot", a good bit of banter too!

A Sept trout session
Just another two weeks of the salmon season remaining now, (on the river Eden) hopefully with a little more action still to come, then we are off Grayling fishing, as we are lucky to have some quality Grayling on the river, affording us a welcome extension of our fly fishing season. So that said, given the recent downpours, which have already produced good flows for the salmon fishing, we certainly don't want too much more water in October, especially towards the end of October, as high coloured waters are not the best scenario for winter Grayling fishing. So here's hoping for some nice low clear flows (on the Eden) toward the end of October and into November, and a few relatively nice crisp days wouldn't go a miss either. "Here's hoping"!